The Symmetrya emerged in 2002 through the friendship between Milton Maia (bass) and Jurandir Junior (vocals), partners from the now defunct band Madness. Initially called Symmetry, the band always had as ideal compose quality music of others form the fads that saturate contemporary music, looking for compose songs to mix weight, good melodies and progressive passages, without being limited to a certain style. Then been integrated Marcos Vinicius “Nâna” on drums, Lincoln Pompermaier on the keyboard and Ney Soteiro on guitar, forming the basis of Symmetrya.

The year 2003 was marked by another important step, the release of CD-Demo Symmetry with three original compositions by inserting the band in the music market. Later that year, Lincoln Pompermaier left the music to devote to studies and Milton Maia, who had worked with synthesizers, took this gap, leaving the bassist role for the competent Alexandre Lamin.

In 2004 the band participated in the collections Rock Soldiers Vol. 10 and Valhalla Demo Section Vol. 1 (Rock Hard Magazine) the latter having been elected by the same magazine as one of the best bands that passed the Demo Section of the last 4 years of the magazine.

In his debut album released in 2007, Symmetrya presented an excellent graphic work and 10 inspired songs where the lyrics deal from ambitions and anxieties of humanity, life and death, disillusions, social inequalities to romantic and flights tragedies, especially the song “Dead Zone”, based on the renowned American author Stephen King work. For this album were produced 02 video for the songs “Learn To Live” and “Wings Of Tragedy”. The Eternal Search album soon aroused the interest of the label Force Majure Records that released and distributed the album throughout Latin America. The Eternal Search album was also elected as one of the 10 best releases of the year by readers of the Roadie Crew magazine.

In 2012 Ney Soteiro left the band to pursue other musical projects, to your post, assume the bassist Alexandre Lamin and the talented Luis Jacson enters the vacant bassist. With this new formation begin pre produce the next album.

The Symmetrya was absent from the music market in 2013 because it entered the studio to begin recording their new album, which launched in August 2014 called “Last Dawn”. The album features 11 songs, where the main highlight is a trilogy based on the work of the great Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho “The Witch of Portobello” and again have a song based on the work and film of the renowned American writer Stephen King. The song is called “Something In The Mist” and counts on the special participation of the great composer and guitarist Rafael Bittencourt of Angra. The song “To Live Again” is a continuation of the song “Learn To Live” album Eternal Search. Other featured songs are: Darkest Love, In The Blink Of An Eye and Stormy Winds.

The graphic art is another highlight and was all developed by acclaimed Brazilian designer Gustavo Sazes, known for hosting national and international work for: Manowar, Kamelot, Angra, Firewind, Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne) James Labrie (Dream Theater) Arch Enemy, Sepultura, Dr.Sin, Amaranthe, Vinnie Moore, Almah, Oficina G3, Lauren Harris, Dream Evil, Holy Mose, Sony Music, Century Media, JVC / Victor, etc.

With the release of Last Dawn, the Symmetrya began a tour of several cities of Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and Chile as headline.

The Symmetrya has held numerous performances in TV programs, concerts in Brazil and Latin America, including  shows with the bands: Angra, Sonata Arctica, Primal Fear, Dark Moor, Paul Di`Anno (Ex-Iron Maiden), Kiko Loureiro (Angra/Megadeth) Shaman, Andre Matos, Hangar among others.

The musical essence of Symmetrya is constantly evolving, always looking for new and different perspectives, atmospheres and approaches, keeping above all the dedication, professionalism and quality in their compositions, bringing increasingly loyalty, respect and passion for music and art.