NAME: Gean Carlos
DATE: January 10
PLACE OF BIRTH: Joinville – Brazil
FAVOURITE BANDS: Rush, The Winery Dogs, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Angra, Nightwish, Mr. Big, Iron Maiden and Thunderstone.

Singers: Richie Kotzen, Bruce Dickinson, Dio, Fabio Leoni, David Coverdale, Gedy Lee, Eric Martin and Marco Hietala.
Keyboardists: Jordan Rudess and Neal Morse.
Guitarists: Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Kiko Loureiro and Juninho Afram.
Bassists: Billy Sheeham, Gedy Lee, Felipe Andreoli, Steve Harris, Marcus Miller, Marco Hietala.
Drummers: Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Bruno Valverde, Dave Weckl and Pat Torpey.

FAVOURITE DRINK: Martini and Beer
FAVOURITE FOOD: Meat on grill and Potato Stuffed.
FAVOURITE MOVIE: Transformers, 10000 before Christ, Predator Trilogy – Lord of the Rings, From Hell.
FAVOURITE ACTOR / ACTRESS: Harrison Ford, Mark Wahlberg, Al Pacino, Nicolas Cage and Jennifer Aniston.

»DREAM THEATER – Scenes from a Memory
»IRON MAIDEN – Brave New World
»RUSH – Counterpart and Moving Pictures
»THE WINERY DOGS – The Winery Dogs
»MEGADETH – The System Has Failed
»OFICINA G3 – After the war and beyond what my eyes can see
“MR. BIG – Big, Bigger, Biggest: Greatest Hits
»METALLICA – Black Album and And Justice for All
»NIGHTWISH – Century Child

FIRST ALBUM BOUGHT: Rush – Counterpart
BEST GIG YOU HAVE SEEN: Angra – Curitiba 2015
MUSIC FROM ALL TIMES: Everyday Glory – Rush

EQUIPMENT: Low Tagima Fusion Custom 5 Strings, Bass Artwood 4 Strings, Amp Meteor Tower 400MB 4×10 “, 1×15”, Pre Fire.

MUSICAL BACKGROUND: Music self-taught, plays against the low more than 17 years. He began his musical career in choral and religious bands, which made short presentations on various groups of young people from Joinville and region. It was the growing desire to learn and understand music, taking it well to look for other musical languages, styles and different environments to play.

The desire for music awakened a passion for rock and more elaborate styles as, fusion and progressive, which led him to perfect his techniques is necessary to search for qualified teachers.

In 1999 set up his first authorial projects, titled as Sun and Night Black Pearl. This period also interested in the audio art, was already DEMOS recordings for some bands and friends, and this fascination and curiosity led him to read magazines related to the subject, and thus to learn more, as well as exchanging information with technicians and musicians region.

In 2006 starts one of his greatest musical projects, where he joined the band Supreme Identity, and this work led him to win several regional festivals, and record the first demo. After this period, in 2010 released their first official CD of the band and their career.

From 2010 he served effectively as a musician and produced several musical works with bands and regional artists as: Luciano Caetano, Betinho, Tonny Araujo, Dr. Pepper, GeanBass Player, Band Sity LUX, Singer Arildo, CD Recording “Fights” Supreme Identity, Dependents, Maicon and ComVersão band, DR Music School, Hamem, Crossover Trio, Leo Dressel, Take 3.