Jurandir Moreira

DATE OF BIRTH: 18th of March
PLACE OF BIRTH: Joinville – Brazil
FAVOURITE BANDS: Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Manowar and Savatage

Singers: Bruce Dickinson and Dio.
keyboardists: Jon Lord.
Guitarists: Dave Mustaine and Steve Vai.
Bassists: Steve Harris.
Drummers: Neil Peart and Nick Menza.

FAVOURITE FOODS: Pizza and Feijoada.
FAVOURITE MOVIES: The Green Mile, Carrie and Pet sematary.
FAVOURITE ACTOR/ACTRESS: Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Julia Roberts and Sharon Stone.

» MEGADETH – Rust in Peace
» GUNS N’ROSES – Appetite for Destruction
» IRON MAIDEN – The Number Of The Beast
» HAMMERFALL – Legacy Of Kings
» NEVERMORE – Nevermore
» SAVATAGE – Hall Of The Montain King
» PINK FLOYD – The Wall
» METALLICA – Master Of Puppets
» HELLOWEEN – Keep Of Seven Keys-Part I & II
» JUDAS PRIEST – Painkiller
» MANOWAR – Kings Of Metal

FIRST ALBUM BOUGHT: New Jersey – Bon Jovi
BEST GIG YOU HAVE SEEN: Nevermore – Curitiba 2001
MUSIC FROM ALL TIME: Holy Wars – Megadeth


MUSICAL BACKGROUND: I began singing in house, pop music and rock to the 16 years of age, me and some friends formed the first band, New Order, playing pop and rock, making local shows. Later I had some fast passages for other bands as: Magic, Hunters of Strangers, and Trauma, that it was the base of the New Order. In 1999 I entered in a band called Metropolis where we played for one year. After that in the half of 2001 set up another band, Eternal. In the same time I also went by Razor Back, and in the end of 2001 the first rehearsals appear with the band SYMMETRY. Of here for alone front the future will tell us, await.